"Whether you are an athlete, a physically active individual, have experienced a sports or motor vehicle injury, or are interested in generally improving your physical condition, our team will work to develop a treatment approach customized for you. We offer a multidisciplinary a approach for a treatment program that suits your needs." - Dr. Doug Yee, Chiropractor & Clinical Director

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The multidisciplinary team at Whyte Ave Sport & Spine is committed to the promotion of faster healing.


1Do you suffer from a recent injury? Or chronic pain and decreased performance from a past injury?

Want to improve?

2Have you plateaued in your training? Are you looking for new ways to enhance your performance?

Want to maintain?

3Are you looking for a program to maintain your physical condition? Learn about ways to most effectively maintain your body.

What’s new?

4Read about the latest trends and news from members of the Whyte Ave Sport & Spine team on our blog, Mindful Muscle Masters.

What is Chiropractic?
The word chiropractic, from the Greek words praxis and cheir, means treatment by hand. Read more…
What is Physical Therapy?
The primary goal of physical therapy is to assess, diagnose and treat symptoms of illness, injury or disability. Read more…¬†

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